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For groups, Portugal is Europe's hidden gem

Recently, Portugal has been surging in popularity. First-time visitors to this country, located on the Iberian Peninsula and borders Spain to the east, have found it to be Europe's hidden gem. Many of the country's most popular destinations are located along its Atlantic Coast, providing visitors with stunning views and some of Europe's most beautiful beaches. 

The capital city of Lisbon is amongst the country's most visited places. The city offers its visitors museums containing centuries of history, an active nightlife and a family-friendly atmosphere. So it's no wonder why Lisbon is at the top of the list of places to visit in Portugal. 

But the beauty of Portugal doesn't end with Lisbon. Porto, which is Portugal's "Second City" has its share of beautiful attractions. Any visitor to Porto will instantly fall in love with the city's large collection of Gothic architecture. 

Some of Portugal's lesser-known cities are also must-see places. For any guest looking to visit a religious site, we recommend a trip to Fatima to see the city's famous basilica named in memory of the events from a century ago.  

Below we have some information about the best places and things to do while you're in Portugal. Have a look and reach out to our sales team for more. 

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Portugal's capital city has some of its most beautiful attractions. The 500-year-old Jerónimos Monastery, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been a tourist favorite for many years and is a recommended place to visit for any traveler to Portugal. We'd also recommend a full-day excursion to Cascais for a visit to Sintra Palace.

Lisbon, Portugal


Porto's city center is a must-see for visitors. Most of the city's centuries-old historical sites are just a short walk from one another. Palácio da Bolsa is a beautifully-designed palace from the 1800s and now houses the city's stock exchange. If you're into architecture, we suggest you take a photo of the Dom Luis I Bridge, which spans the River Duro, Porto's main river. Perhaps a trip to the Porto Cathedral, located on one of the city's highest hilltops, will offer a perfect spot to get that perfect photo shot.

Porto, Portugal


If you're stopping in Coimbra, you should make a quick stop in Fátima. The city is the home to the Basilica of our Lady and the Chapel of Apparitions, both named in honor of the events from a hundred years ago. Every year, visitors gather here to commemorate the events known as "Our Lady of Fátima." Make this trip a priority during your stay in Portugal

Chapel of Apparitions in Fatima


Evora provides its visitors with a unique mix of Roman, Portuguese and Moorish culture. The Roman cultural influence is evident in the Temple of Evora, one of the few well-preserved structures from the Roman period still standing today. Évora Museum, the century-old museum in the town's center, is a must-see for art and history fans. It features Gothic art and collections from Évora's Roman past. Once a site of Inquisition trials, the main square Praça do Giraldo is now the site of the city's marketplace and is a great place to pick up souvenirs.

Diana's Temple in Evora

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