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Explore Switzerland, the home of Kuoni

Despite its relatively small size, Switzerland is a country packed with amazing places to visit. This country's diversity makes it ideal an ideal destination for any visitor: from the old town centers of Zurich and Bern to the majestic slopes of the Matterhorn. 

A typical program to Switzerland should run at least seven days, enough to visit many of the country's most popular attractions. 

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Bern: capital of Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland

Switzerland's national capital is pack with plenty of exciting places to visit. The Old City of Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with many buildings dating back to the Medieval Ages; the exteriors on many of this buildings look very similar to how they were when first constructed.

Make sure to visit the famous Clocktower for an excellent photo opportunity. For a picturesque view of the Old City, visit the Rose Garden. Located to the west of the Old City, it's a large park containing hundreds of different species of flowers.

Bear Park, located just south of the Rose Garden, is home to bear zoo. Tours of the park are available. The zoo is a 6,000-square-meter open observatory accessible by foot.

Zurich: a picturesque village by the river

Zurich, Switzerland

The lakeside town of Geneva, located near the French border, is cosmopolitan city heavily influenced by the presence of the many international headquarters.

Most sites in Zurich's Old Town are accessible by foot; some places are only accessible to pedestrians. Make sure you visit the Lindenhof, site of an Ancient Roman Castle.

St. Moritz: luxurious alpine resort town

St. Moritz, Switzerlaand

St. Moritz is a high-end alpine resort town located in southeastern Switzerland. As a two-time host of the Winter Olympics, the town is an ideal location for winter and other outdoor activities.

Visitors to St. Moritz must ride on the cable car to Diavolezza. The cable takes passengers to top of the mountain. Once there, enjoy a three- or four-course meal at the restaurant. The restaurant offers scenic panoramic views of the mountain's surroundings.

The Segantini Musuem, named after the famous alpine painter, is a must-see to visitors in the St. Moritz area. It contains one of the largest collections of his work.

Geneva: Switzerland's cospolitan city

Geneva, Switzerlaand

The lakeside town of Geneva, located near the French border, is cosmopolitan city heavily influenced by the presence of the many international headquarters.

Located on Lake Geneva, the famous Jet d'Eau ("Water Jet" in French) is a large water fountain, and a must-see attraction for visitors. Due to the height at which water is pumped, it is visible from most places along the town's lakeshore.

Although the international headquarters of the United Nations is located in New York City, Geneva is the site of the organization's European headquarters. Tours are available to guests who wish to visit. Also make sure to visit the International Red Cross Museum.

Zermatt: home of the famous Matterhorn

Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt is home to the iconic Matternhorn, one of Switzerland's most famous landmarks. The mountain is located within a picturesque mountain range with other peaks such as the Weisshorn.

It's a perfect photo opportunity for visitors. If you're interested, take a quick city tour of Zermatt.

Many places within the city are only accessible to pedestrians, so most tours will include a large amount of walking.

Lausanne: Gothic architecture in a lakeside village

Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne is a lakeside city located along Lake Geneva. The city is home to the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Museum. Detailing the history of the Olympics, the museum is a must-see for visitors to the city.

Notre Dame Cathedral is a Gothic-era church located in Lausanne old city center. The tall, distinguished steeples provide for excellent photo opportunities from many points in the city.

If you're in Lausanne, we also recommend a walk through the Botanical Garden. The diverse collection of flora within the garden should make for a visually-appealing, yet relaxing stroll.

Lucerne: elegant lakeside village

Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne is located in the central part of Switzerland, divided by the River Reuss.

The Old Town is located just a few minutes north of the Chapel Bridge, so it's a convenient stop before crossing to the city's south bank. Known for its famous wooden design, the footbridge connects the city's north and south riverbanks.

We'd also recommend a stop at the Kunstmuseum, which is located just a few minutes from the southern terminus of the bridge. The museum contains centuries of art detailing significant moments in Swiss history.

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